Golden Oldy Cyclery

"The Sustainable Museum of Sustainable Transportation"

Prides itself on being:


The actions which have been taken over the years:

When not riding bicycles, Museum vehicles are:

  1. 2007 Prius (soon to be plug-in so it will use the Solar Power from the PV system)
  2. 1996 Geo Metro - High MPG
with plans to upgrade the Metro to either a plug in Aptera (300 MPG or all electric option) or a Tesla (all electric) which will be Solar Powered from the surplus PV power from the roof.

Planned further Museum Energy Improvements:

  1. Add another 55 - 70 bales of Cellulose Insulation:
  2. Wrap Exterior Frame areas (1400 Ft Sq) with DRYVIT - 4" Foam with Stucco - adds R-20 or a Borax based insulating coating (like on the Space Shuttle tiles)....under research for home application.
  3. Trim the TOPS of Adjacent Neighbors Evergreen Trees to regain Solar Tempered functionality ... of home/museum. A SOLAR ACCESS AGREEMENT HAS BEEN SIGNED FOR THIS. This (#3) facilitates:
  4. Grow of the Museum Space by 450 Sq Ft on SouthEast with High Insulation Walls allowing Sun Room to be built above to gain Passive Solar heating for the whole structure. and finally:
  5. Develop a Organic Garden where Green Grass is now - to produce locally the fresh foods for the staff.

When these improvements are completed, the museum will be far beyond the Net Zero status on Carbon Footprint ... which it is now. It will achieve a status of making structure, transportation, and all living areas become net zero for the museum and staff.

The concept of a Combined Museum/Home also has energy saving aspects:

  1. No Commute to work for Museum Workers
  2. Making the Museum become Net Zero Carbon also, at the same time, makes museum staff homes be net zero.

The concept of Far More PV than the electric bill would demand ... is what funds the current Net Zero status, matching the low remaining Natural Gas Usage on a BTU for BTU basis (measured at the Wellhead/Mine). It also is what will support the Plug In vehicles for the transportation after the other planned energy improvements are complete.

Current Annual Natural Gas Usage measured (for 3250 ft sq) in 2007 was 432 Therms. In 2008, current completed actions in late 2007 should reduce this to about 300 - 350 Therms. Planned actions should further reduce it to about 100 therms for the full year (on an expanded 4150 sq ft). In 2008, the over production of Solar PV power should be approximately 7,500 KWH.

Looking at 2008, the 350 therms usage represents a BTU at the wellhead of 37,852,500 BTU (350 Therms x 103,000 BTU/Therm x 1.05 (loss in production/transit)).

The 2008 Surplus 7500 KWH represents a BTU at the Coal Mine of 10,236,000 BTU (7,500 KWH x 3412 BTU/KWH x 4 (Coal Electricity IN-Efficiency Factor Mining/transporting/generation)).

Thus, the Museum will have an annual Surplus of 27.6 million BTU. This translates to 8100 KWH which will drive the Tesla about 32,000 miles or the Aptera about 60,000 miles. It will be hard for staff to drive those amounts ... since staff prefers to ride recycled bicycles! However, as staff is aging, and Tesla and Aptera cars are very uniquely fun ... staff may do more more auto travel ... Cleanly powered by the SUN!